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Mayhem at lacrosse practice

Mayhem at lacrosse practice

Mayhem at Lacrosse Practice

After dropping the girls off at Lacrosse practice today I went and ran an errand to the bank so I could deposit the money I made from recycling the metal I brought to the scrap yard.

When I can back and went to watch a little or their practice and read my book, I noticed that mayhem had stuck again…

I always love those Mayhem insurance commercials as well with the guy falling and crashing like this one:

Now I have no affiliation with Allstate insurance, nor do I use that for my cars and home, but the idea here is to put yourself into a situation where you are prepared for things to come.

Educating yourself and aligning with the right people is the first step in getting yourself prepared for your future.  If you are not doing simple things like taking action every day, it will be your business falling down and your brand running astray, when it could be a nice simple ride down the road of success.

This August, 28-31, 2014, the folks at JV Zoo are having their second annual Marketing Mayhem Live event with some of the top speakers in the industry like Mike Filsaime, Armand Morin, Tom Beal and others in Orlando Florida and you can start your business growth by joining us down there and learning some awesome content to apply into your business.

Come grab your tickets and find out about bonuses here:


In the mean time if you have not gotten yourself up and running with a business platform with which to run your business and have your own place online, I have a couple suggestions of some of the top tools and trainings I have used and still use daily.

1) Pure Leverage: Come get a free trial of their platform and join our group of over 30,000 members on Facebook here with their >>Instant Income System<<

2) Empower Network: Come see some of the top training in the industry (Make sure you are all in to access these training’s) by starting with the >>Inner Circle and Viral Blogging System<<

Both of these not only have great training and tools, but also have some kick butt 100% commissions options if you take part in their reseller programs as well.

When you have yourself lined up correctly, you can create your own craziness, in a fun way of course and market or share your ideas about just anything online.

You gotta take that first step though, so go do it now!

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