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Making Money at a Scrapyard

Making Money at a Scrapyard

How often have you heard someone complain that they do not have any money to invest into their education, books, courses or similar?

It happens all the time right!

I was totally humored by this picture I found in the newest book I am reading called “Being the best you can be in MLM“, by John Kelench

The first sentence which you can not read and was on the previous page goes as follows: “I suppose these are the same people who will spend an…”

The Cost of ingnorance

It is totally amazing that people will spend hundred on their hair, nails, clothes and cars while running their skillset into a poor place for lack of continuous growth.

Well there are hundreds of ways to create some extra cash in your life in order to help pay your fees for memberships, live events or conferences and much more.

Here is what the side of my shed looked like after we moved my father in law out of his house and into ours…He also had a huge pole barn we emptied and as a crazy recycler, I did my best to grab as much as I could instead of taking it to the dump.

Metal Recycling to earn money for your education 5 Metal Recycling to earn money for your education 4 Metal Recycling to earn money for your education 3 Metal Recycling to earn money for your education 2 Metal Recycling to earn money for your education 1

I am looking to put some of the money I made from a metal scrapyard towards the Marketing Mayhem 2014 event down in Orlando Florida from August 28-31-2014.

Now a word to the wise, if you have the option to recycle metal near you and earn money for doing it, be sure you separate your metal as much as possible, otherwise, they will try to screw you over with the basic pricing, instead of giving you the prices you deserve.  For example copper that is coated in plastic (through wiring) is going to be much less per pound than pure copper with no coating.

Scrapping metal is just one of many things you can do to earn money to support your marketing and business growth.

Others for example include but are not limited to:

  • Selling stuff on ebay or craigslist
  • Having a garage sale
  • Getting a loan from a family/friend or group of them
  • Doing yard work for someone
  • Taking an overtime or extra shifts
  • Not buying drinks one you go out, but get water instead and see how you you save and put it towards your marketing efforts.
  • Instead of buying that new outfit or shoes, put that money towards a new book or course
  • Carpool or take public transport
  • Recycle bottles on days where they are paying (or you have a chance to win) a larger price back

The key thing is that you take action!

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